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Chord Beatles - Teddy Boy

Intro: D

This is a story of a boy named ted,
        A              Am      Em        G-A
if his mother said ted be good, he would.
She told him bout his soldier dad,
         A             Am         Em     G-A  A-B7-C#7
then it made her sad then she cry, oh my.

Ted used to tell her
he could be twice as good,
and he new he could
          C#m          G#m  B7-C#7
'cause in his head he said:

 F#                   B7
Mommy don't worry now teddy boy's here,
 E                   A
taking good care of you.
 F#                B7
Mommy don't worry teddy boy's here,
  E                      D
Teddy's gonna see you through.
           F#                   B7
She said: teddy don't worry now mommy is here
 E                   A
taking good care of you.
  F#                 B7
Teddy don't worry your mummy is here,
  E                      D
Teddy's gonna see you through.

(Chorus Chords)
He said: ta da da...

Then came the day she found herself a man.
       A             Am      Em        G-A
Teddy turned and ran oh far away, oh yeah.
He couldn't stand just to be around,

       A            Am       Em          G-A  A-B7-C#7
so he left the town far away, yeah yeah.

[Repeat Refrain]
[Repeat Chorus1]
[Repeat Chorus2]
[Repeat Chorus1]

(Verse Chords)
Take your partner
and don't See Do
hold them tight
and don't let go.
Got it. Jump up.
Take your partners
and don't see do
when you got it,
then let it go
Hold them tight then.

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