Monday, June 23, 2014

Chord Wale Featuring Tiara Thomas Or Rihanna - Bad

F#m - [ch]B/D[/ch] - [ch]C#/E[/ch]

      F#m     [ch]B/D[/ch]                      [ch]C#/E[/ch]
Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it

Chord Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel

G  D  Em  C, G  D  Em  C, G  D  C,

G                         D
Heading down south to the land of the pines

Chord Calvin Harris Featuring Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love

I need your love
I need your time

Chord J. Cole Featuring Miguel - Power Trip

Am, G, F ,G

[Hook 1]
A#m                                     G#
Got me up all night, all I'm singing is love songs
    F#                                         G#
She got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs

Chord Maroon 5 - Love Somebody

        A                       Em  G
I know inside you're feeling so hollow
Oooh Ooh Ooooh

Chord Iklim - Suci Dalam Debu

Intro :  Dm  Em7-5  A
          Dm  Em7-5  A-A/C#...C
          Dm  Bb F Dm  Bb F Dm C  Bb-A

Chord Ayu Ting Ting - Minyak Wangi

Intro: Am
       Am G Am 2x

Am       G         F
Biasanya tak pakai minyak wangi
Dm       F        G F E
Biasanya tak suka begitu

Chord Sammy Simorangkir - Kau Harus Bahagia

Intro : D G F# Bm
D                     G            F#         Bm
Aku sadari mungkin ini suratan takdirku
 G                F#                 Bm
Kau dan aku tak mungkin bersatu

Chord Raisa - Mantan Terindah

Intro: A Dm A Dm

A    C#m          F#m
Mengapa engkau waktu itu
  Bm          E
Putuskan cintaku

Chord John Legend - All Of Me

Em           C               G
What would I do without your smiling mouth
            D                       Em
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out

Chord Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away

Never feared for anything. Never shamed but never free
  G                  D                 Bm          C
A life that healed a broken heart with all that it could

Chord Avenged Sevenfold - A Little Peace Of Heaven

Intro D5, C#5, Bb5, A5, E5 2x

Enter Drums: Dm, Fm 2x

Dm                               C#5
Before the story begins, is it such a sin,

Chord Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive

Am                    C
Take the time just to listen
         F                    E      
When the voices screaming are much too loud

Chord Avenged Sevenfold - Afterlife


E     G     A     G

A                   E
like walking into a dream
A                     EGA
so unlike what you've seen

Chord Adele - Someone Like You

i heard
that you'll settle down
that you've found a girl

Chord Adele - Set Fire To The Rain

Intro: Dm, F, C, Gm


          Dm       F
I let it fall, my heart,

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