Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chord Bon Jovi - Learn To Love

intro: C  G  Am  Em ( F  G  C  G )

        C           C/B
I have run from the truth
           Am         G
Since the days of my misspend youth
       F          C
I was hungry for kindness
I was lost in life's blindness

            C            C/B
When you're born without wings
        Am                G
All you dream of, all you want
Is that feeling of flying
Of rising and climbing
Am           F                   C      G
Halle, halle, we're one breath away
Am           F                G
halle, halle, from our judgement day
                    Am     F
Leave it all on the table
            C           G
If you lose all you win
              G                 F                   C
You've got to learn to love the world you're living in


           C           C/B
Always thought I'd die young
           Am                G
In these hands I've held the gun
                       F     C
But it's too late for dying
Now there's nothing worth hiding

           C               C/B
I've lost love, lived with shame
         Am          G
I was humbled by my fall from grace
         F                C
On the steps of decision
It's revenge or forgiveness

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